How much digitization does a company need?


The topic of digitization is currently very much debated within companies. Many companies have little knowledge of the terms because there is a huge gap between the hype and reality.

What are digital solutions?

In many examples, consumer solutions such as Facebook, Uber and Airbnb are placed in the foreground. But most companies do not have the end user, but other companies as customers. The consumer solutions simply don’t work here.

What is needed as digitization?

Most companies have an ERP system as starting point for digitization. But for end-to-end digitization, the processes must also function consistently in the ERP system. Most companies still have to take many steps to achieve this: the processes with the ERP systems are often not completely consistent. There are manual interfaces that work with Excel. Typical interruptions in the process chain are

  • Creation of master data
  • Determination of delivery dates
  • Control manufacturing
  • What do many companies need in the field of digitization?

Many companies first need a consistent database in the ERP system as the basis for digitization. Does the company use the ERP system as a stupid typewriter and for providing data with limited value or as an intelligent system that automatically supports the processes throughout? In many companies, the use of ERP systems can be advanced by many levels for digitization, then new and additional functions can be added.

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